NF Consulting Services (NFC) was formed in 1996 by Narda Fisher, a well-rounded IT professional with an extensive background in IT consulting and staffing. She has worked as an IT consultant for more than 25 years, including a wide variety of assignments with State of Texas agencies. Assignments have included mentoring new employees, analyzing legacy software, debugging production issues, coding, testing (both from the development side and as part of an independent testing team), documenting business requirements, and managing software projects. Her experience in those roles gave her the insight necessary to understand the unique needs of both Texas agencies and IT contract workers. She saw a need for an IT consulting vendor that could correctly balance those priorities and thereby maximize value to our customers.

As a result of this vision, NFC was established with the primary goal of providing services to Texas State Agencies in a manner that adds value to all sides of the IT staffing process. This approach has yielded excellent results for our customers. Over the last 20 years, NFC has earned a reputation with Texas government agencies as a well respected and sought after vendor for the quality, value, and the stability of the personnel we offer to our clients.